Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dirt Farmer Wisdom

We were poking around the Museum of American Folk Art (which is right near the Metropolitan Opera and even closer to the big Barnes & Noble on Broadway and 66th) when we came across this little gem of a book by JoJo Hensen. You got it. If it's about farms, we love it!

JoJo is the granddaughter of a dirt farmer, and she provided us with some very juicy intellectual plums to savor during these incredibly turbulent financial times. Here's just a few to ponder today:

"Can't have rainbows without rain....Meet the storms head-on, push through the rain and wind to dance in the glorious colors of the rainbow."

Here's something Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae should have heeded 10 years or more ago, especially about the cash part:

"Sell your harvest to the buyer who is ready to make the deal, is willing to pay the best price, and has the cash in hand."

Or try this one on for size:

"Are you digging sinkholes in your life? Time is too precious to squander becoming an expert in things that don't benefit you, personally or professionally."

And here's one of our favorites from the book for the presidential candidates to embrace:

When your cows break through the pasture fence, do you call a committee meeting, initiate an environmental impact study, and call in the National Guard? Or do you simply catch your cows and mend the fence?"


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