Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Allen & Son - Chapel Hill, NC - great BBQ, pork style

We were in Chapel Hill recently, visiting some university folk at the University of Carolina, Chapel Hill. Go Tar Heels! We wanted to learn more about what students were up to at the journalism and advertising programs there. Great visit.

On our way around the area, we came across this incredible BBQ joint called Allen & Co. They smoke their pig, real slow, in this crappy old container that looked like it used to be part of a 40s or 50s refrigerator truck.

The BBQ was so tender, and the pies were just as good. Put a little slaw on top of the pork, and bam, you got yourself heaven in a bun. Don't forget to order the pecan pie for dessert, ice cream on the side. All this while eating on green tablecloth..yum!

Best of all is the scenic trailer park right behind the joint. It ain't gettin' more authentic than this, fellas!

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