Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pearl Jam, Brown Bag bootlegs

My iPod starting playing today this amazing series of live songs from Pearl Jam that I bought way back in 2000. It was when Eddy and the lads were fighting like hell against the music establishment, specifically Ticketmaster. They released a series of official bootleg CDs that showed up in Tower Records (remember Tower on Broadway @ 4th and the other store on Broadway @66 th? That'll be another blog entry soon).

Anyway, there was this huge stack of brown bag-covered CDs at Tower that featured each live show by Pearl Jam. There was no art on the CD cover, just a stamp like the one shown here.

The first show was the one that I bought which was in Lisbon on May 23, 2000 is the first in Pearl Jam's official bootleg series of the 2000 tour of Europe and North America. There were 2 CDs in it, which cost about $10, jock a block full with PJ's greatest hits.

The Portugese really dig the show, doing all kinds of soccer chants. Eddie can't remember the lyrics at time. You have to check out "Immortality" if you can find it. I would love to get my hands on other concerts, but they are very rare to find now. I found this site that had a few European imports -

Hear are the songs on my two brown bagged CDs:
Disk 1
1. Of the Girl [6:56]
2. Do the Evolution [3:49]
3. Animal [2:56]
4. Red Mosquito [5:09]
5. Corduroy [5:29]
6. Grievance [4:31]
7. Light Years [5:12]
8. Nothing as It Seems [5:57]
9. Given to Fly [4:12]
10. Even Flow [5:13]
11. Faithful [4:43]
12. [Untitled] [3:59]
13. Last Kiss [3:27]
14. Mfc [2:37]
15. Breakerfall [2:47]
16. Wishlist [3:52]
Disk 2
17. Thin Air [3:55]
18. Daughter [6:45]
19. Evacuation [3:03]
20. Immortality [6:03]
21. Betterman [4:52]
22. Black [7:20]
23. Go [3:50]
24. Encore Break [3:30]
25. Last Exit [2:49]
26. Jeremy [6:24]
27. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town [3:39]
28. Alive [10:44]
29. Yellow Ledbetter [*] [6:19]

--john anderson

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