Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blow that Alphorn Eliana Burki, Blow

We saw a very strange article in the Wall Street Journal recently which talked about the rennaissance of the Swiss Alphorn. This traditional instrument is now being played by a pretty 25 year old Swiss woman named Eliana Burki who tours with her 7 or so foot horn around Europe. It's easy for her to take her horn around because it's made out of carbon fiber versus traditional wood. Check this out. The Alphorn goes funkadelic:

Eat your heart out Miles, or perhaps more likely J.J. Johnson since she plays the alphorn a lot like a trombone verus a trumpet. You got to hear it to believe it. She has two albums that you can get on iTunes. The music is a funk/light jazz vibe. Blues for Louis has some great soul funk riffs to it, and even a better one is Vacuum Funk.

So, do you think her success has anything to do with how she looks versus this fella who plays a mean alphorn as well?

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craighallam said...


I was researching the alphorn for a story and came across this video you posted. I know it's been up a while, but thanks for posting it!