Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Superpowers/Boston Afrobeat Society

We just LOVE this band. They were first called the Boston Afrobeat Society, a name that really captured their musical style, but then the band decided they needed a higher power name, so they switched it to "The Superpowers."
A bit pretentious? Sure. But these fellas are salt of the Earth dudes. We know, because we got to know them a bit better over a few beers after a show. They are ALL about the music. Most of them are graduates of the prestigious Boston Conservatory.

The Superpowers are so into what they do that the sax player told us during a break after the first set last year that he gave up tickets to see his beloved Red Sox in the World Series just so he could play a gig with his mates! When most bands these days are making tens of dollars, you gotta love his commitment to the music. They travel all over the country in a delapidated bus powered by vegetable oil that they strain from the fryer vats in the clubs and restaurants they play. It's a modern day, green-friendly, Ken Kesey magic bus kinda vibe.

Here's how they describe their music on their myspace page:

Internationally recognized afrobeat group THE SUPERPOWERS have been hailed by critics as a "poly-rhythmic juggernaut." Originally formed as the Boston Afrobeat Society, having won the 2007 Phoenix Best Music Poll and 2006 Boston Music Award for Best World Music Act, this 21st-Century Dance Band has been blasting off in the Northeast. They have since relocated to Brooklyn where they have nurtured a monthly residency at Zebulon, one of Brooklyn's most well-respected music venues, for 2 years! They have played packed houses throughout the Eastern U.S. and shared the stage with internationally renowned artists including Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars, John Browns Body, Aphrodesia, and NOMO.

Their album Revival Time which you can find on iTunes is wonderful. Check out the horns on Abami Eda, and the amazing trombone solo on System Slaves. That trombone sound seems to be showing up everywhere for us these days (check out our blog entry on the alpshorn player earlier).

Below are a few video clips of the band that we found on You Tube.

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