Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wassup!!! A lot, actually, just before Election Day

We were looking around for what director Chuck Stone III has been up to lately, when lo and behold we found this incredibly dark parody that he just released on You Tube called "Wassup." It mimics his famous Budweiser spot called, you got it, "Wassup," which first aired on Monday Night football back in December, 1999. The same cast from the original spot are here again, suffering mightily, like the rest of us, 8 years later through the Iraq War, the Wall Street/World crash, the mortgage meltdown, and our at-home health care crisis.

We first met Chuck years ago through his dad, Professor Chuck Stone, who recently retired from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Journalism School after an incredibly esteemed journo career at the Philadelphia Daily News (Both Chucks must be jacked about the Phillies...we'll report back to you on that one). What was wild about Chuck Sr. is he always wrote with brown ink, which he said made him "unique." Well, his son got his talents for the last word as well.

Check it out:

We also love this other Election year spot from Farm friend Lubna Abu-Osba who we've known since her days at Kirshenbaum & Bond. This spot is all about sexy Democrats cutting off access to the good stuff if you vote Republican. It's called "True Love Waits for a Democrat."

Both Chuck and Lubna urge all of us to get out and vote, to finally get some real change around this joint called USA!!!

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