Friday, October 24, 2008


Whatever happened to the good old
# 2 pencil? We still see our kids using them occasionally when they have to write out a difficult math problem. You can hear the red eraser scratching the paper when the numbers just don't add up right(maybe Wall Street should take the same hands-on lead/eraser approach to their work given all the crazy math we've seen there of late).

Point is that most the time, no one uses pencils any more. We do when we're taking notes with a client. We pull them from this special can that sits on our desks.

It's an oyster can from the '50s. One of our grandfathers, Granddaddy Anderson to be exact (who was a farmer), used to tell us a joke about lead and oysters (punchline has to do with oysters putting lead in your pencil) so that old can filled with #2 pencils reminds us of him each and every day.

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